I'm Natalia Moskaleva

Design manager, creative producer, and business consultant
with strong expertise
in city design and branding


I help people and companies solve problems using design. 

More than 14 years in cross-discipline, from design studio to government

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Attitude Design Consulting is a design studio I founded to provide branding, graphic, informational and city design for real estate developers, cities and businesses

100+ design projects I have implemented in branding, graphic design, web design and communication design 

Strong expertise in city design – the large-scale redesign of Moscow's new wayfinding system is a project in which I was lucky enough to be the manager. Now my portfolio can be seen on every building, on every bus stop, in every subway car, and on streets in Moscow

Design is always the result of the joint work of the customer and the designer. I know both roles well, and I know how to find a balance between creativity and solving business problems